Friday, November 2, 2007

Zumaya hurt... again

Tigers' pitcher Joel Zumaya just can't get lucky.

Trying to save some of his father's things from the California wildfires, a box fell on Zumaya's shoulder, injuring it to the point that it required major surgery.

Zumaya's injury is a huge loss for the Tigers. Now they must work on resigning Todd "Blowns" (Jones) or look elsewhere for a closer. With a bullpen that was decimated by injuries last season (including Zumaya's first injury, a ruptured tendon), the Tigers were shaky late in games at best. The bullpen now becomes the major weak spot again.

I would look for the Tigers to resign Jones. He is a serviceable closer for the time being.

It's just too bad that this had to happen to someone as promising as Zumaya is.


katy said...

damn.... well, looks like another year without playoffs. *tear*

hooper_3 said...

The addition of Edgar Renteria adds yet another .300 bat to the Tigers already potent lineup. Offseason work with the pitching staff will allow Chuck Hernandez to iron some of the chinks out of the bullpen. A healthy Rogers and a more consistent Bonderman for '08 will have Tigers fans reliving the '06 season. However, this time the outcome will be a World Series championship. Todd B

leslie said...

:(...I miss watching least we still have Verlander!