Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bonds’ indictment finally comes

Barry Bonds was finally indicted this past week on perjury charges. If convicted, Bonds could spend up to 30 years in jail.

Okay, time for me to get blasted again. I still am not convinced that Bonds knowingly took steroids. Hopefully, this trial will give the world some hard evidence that he did. It better, or else the perjury charges are going to fall faster than Lloyd Carr’s approval rating in Ann Arbor. All it is going to take is a small seed of reasonable doubt to get Bonds off too. Don’t believe me? OJ Simpson was found not guilty of much more serious crimes, and got off scotch free in the criminal trial, all thanks to reasonable doubt.

Maybe Bonds did take steroids. But, there is still a big elephant in the room. He has never, I repeat, NEVER tested positive for any steroid, stimulant, etc. Many other players have. Why is Bonds a scapegoat? Why not pick on players that have tested positive for banned substances. It makes no sense.

Regardless, I am eagerly awaiting the trial, much like I am awaiting the Michael Vick trial. Two great sports trials in the next year or so. Yay.

And anyways, Bonds will probably get stuck with a couple hundred hours of community service. That’s what most celebrities get. And we all know the problems with celebs in prison. Paris Hilton anyone?


Anonymous said...

Marian Jones never tested positive either...yet she FINALLY did the right thing and admitted her steroid use BEFORE she was (and would have been) indicted! Barry Bonds is a joke....he knew damn well what he was doing AND taking,..and I hope he does go to prison for lying to a Federal investigator...and, if he's proven guilty...take away his home run title and throw him in the same cell with OJ. They'll have a LOT to talk about!!

breuker said...

hes a liar ...should go to jail and have his record taken away i mean look at pictures from his rookie year to now ... there is no way he got that big without taking drugs