Friday, November 16, 2007

An Insider's Story

Michael Yon is a man who reports independently in Iraq. He posts his stories on his website, Yon, like many independent journalists in Iraq, offer a different more intimate perspective of Iraq. One of his posts has recently made it to Fox News. I believe that independents, like Michael Yon, will continue to grow as a reliable respected source of news. He is not the only one, and they offer something that the mainstream media does not. Many of their websites are linked under our blogroll. We do not receive any payment for your visits, it is merely out of my admiration for their work that I advise others to visit their sites.

The article Yon wrote presents an example of how Iraqis continue to rebel from the insurgents. He shows that not all Muslims are full of hate toward others. In Baghdad many locals sat through a televised catholic mass with the hope that their friends, who are christian, would see them on the television and return to Iraq. Since the civil war many had fled to other countries. Their Muslim friends claim they would like to see them come back. They had even protected the church against Al Queda when they were a threat to the neighborhood.

Stories, like this one, are rarely found on the mainstream's news. They can not continue with out help from private individuals. Yon receives his funding from a PayPal account where people make donations so that he can continue his work. He also has a self-published book and pictures he has taken in Iraq.

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