Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Improvements in Iraq come at a cost

2007 has become the deadliest year in Iraq for American soldiers since the war began. This is a result of U.S. forces setting up smaller stations for the soldiers instead of heavily fortified bases with thousands of soldiers. The surge has given generals the manpower to become more affective quelling insurgents in various neighborhoods. While this has made more areas of Iraq safer, it is a result of U.S soldiers becoming more engaged with the enemy. American forces have also created more relations with the people of Iraq. This has increased their trust of the U.S., which has also led to more help from the locals.

While any American death is tragic, I see the story behind the numbers as encouraging. While the risk is greater when our men and women are closer to civilians, it also gives of the opportunity to prove them that we are not the Great Satan that the terrorists accuse us of being. Also, it deters insurgents from returning to villages when our forces leave to return to one of the bases. Instead they find that our soldiers remain and even help the area rebuild. I believe that our soldiers will die less frequently as we gain the Iraqi's trust.


katy said...


katy said...

wait... not that so many have died but I told you about that, that's what I'm whoo-ing.

Mary said...

I hope so. Winning the trust is crucial, vital, and I'm not sure what is the best way to go about it. Of course, when basic ideologies clash (The "I Hate you, Infidel Bastards" mindset can be difficult to sway) there will be massive difficulties.

But what is the cost we are going to have to pay?

Thank goodness I'm not the president, cause I don't know what is best.