Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2007 will not go down as a happy year

I found myself in a state of shock this morning as I read the headlines.

Sean Taylor Dead at 24

I did a double take. Was it the Sean Taylor I was thinking about? Indeed it was.

2007 has not been a great year for sports period. With the ongoing sagas of Michael Vick and Barry Bonds, professional athletes have been getting their images dragged through the mud day after day. Unfortunately, 2007 might very well be remembered as the year where too many athletes died far too young.

Taylor’s murder is just the latest end of a young professional athlete’s life. Others include:

MLB Pitcher Joe Kennedy – November 23, Age 28
NBA Player Eddie Griffin – August 17, Age 25
MLB Pitcher Josh Hancock – April 29, Age 29
NFL Running Back Damien Nash – February 24, Age 24
College Kicker Mario Danelo – January 6, Age 22
NFL Cornerback Darent Williams – January 1, Age 24

Seven deaths from the major sports and most of them were in or just entering the prime of their careers and life in general. Their deaths are all terrible tragedies.

Rest in peace Sean. Hopefully they find your killer and bring him to justice.

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