Friday, November 2, 2007

Patriots vs. Colts: One for the Ages

With as much success as the Detroit Lions have had this season, it would be easy to forget (at least as a Lions’ fan who is still shocked by their 5-2 record) about the biggest story in the NFL this year. However, week nine’s matchup of the 8-0 Patriots against the 7-0 Colts should prove to be way too good to miss.

Never mind the week one spy scandal the surrounded the Patriots during the first weeks of the year, they are the best team in the NFL right now. Their steamrolling of opponents just goes to show that the tape had very little to do with their success.

Tom Brady is putting up numbers that even A-Rod’s salary would be jealous of. He is just shy of 2,500 passing yards already this season, not to mention he has thrown 30 touchdowns compared to only two interceptions. To say the least, I intend on riding him all the way to my fantasy league championship this year.

It’s amazing what some decent receivers will do for a quarterback. The New England offense has become so much more potent thanks to the additions of Randy Moss, Wes Welker (did I mention I have him in my fantasy league too?), and Donte' Stallworth. The trio has accounted for 20 of Brady’s 30 passing touchdowns. No offense to Patriots’ receivers of the past, but they simply didn’t have these types of playmakers before this year.

On the other side you have the Colts, led by another great quarterback in Peyton Manning. Though he only has 13 touchdowns, Manning can have a breakout performance at the drop of a hat. Throw in explosive receivers like Reggie Wayne, and second-year standout running back Joseph Addai and you have a scoring explosion waiting to happen.

The toughest part about this game is that someone is going to stay unbeaten and the other will suffer their first loss of the season. Both teams are so evenly matched that it is tough to pick a clear cut favorite.

As far as the offense goes, I think the Patriots have a slight edge. Though the Colts have just as great of an offense, the Patriots’ production has been better so far this year. In addition, the injury status of Marvin Harrison is still up in the air, and if he is limited, the Colts lose the great receiver that he is. However, if Addai is effective against the Patriots’ staunch defense, the advantage could swing to the Colts.

Both defenses are great as well. I’m not going to pick a better one, because they are both simply so good. Look for Bob Sanders and Mike Vrabel to be all over the field.

No matter what, the game is going to be spectacular. But, in my opinion, the Patriots are going to come out on top, keeping their momentum going all the way to a Super Bowl victory.


katy said...

did you happen to see any of the Navy- Notre Dame game? A festival of suckage and a win pulled out of Navy's ass at the last second.
And then there's U of M - MSU.... another game in which the outcome was quite muddled... but Michigan pulled thru in the end (OLE) and squeaked by with a win. Now, to prep for total annihilation by the Buckeyes... *tear*
I know this has really nothing to do with your bit Cody, but I will make it seem relevant:
Overall, an exciting weekend for football fans everywhere. ole.

Todd said...

I am as big of a Peyton Manning fan as they come. Never will I utter the words "Tom Brady is a better QB than Peyton Manning". I have always maintained that Tom Brady isn't that impressive - placing all of the Pats success on their defense and that legendary kicker that plays for the Colts. However, after witnessing Sunday's game I now, finally, give Tom Brady some overdue respect. The type of season he is having is second to none, and I will surely have to shed a tear when Peyton's season TD record succumbs to the right hand of Brady.

That being said, the Pats were in a fight like they hadn't experienced this season on Sunday against the Colts. The former may go 16-0, but it will be the latter making the trip back to the Super Bowl.