Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Technology trends leaving some in dust

Technology is evolving far and away faster than it ever has before. Computers, MP3 players, video cameras and the like are undergoing major changes and seeing major improvements every couple of months. Thanks to this technological expansion, more and more people are getting left behind in terms of knowledge.

Several years ago I became very interested in computers and their inner workings. Because of that, I began taking computers apart and putting them back together, and in the process I learned a ton about how they work. Since then, I’ve built my own computer and have upgraded/modified numerous others.

In the past two years or so I’ve come to learn just how valuable tech skills are. I often get calls from my friends or from random people asking me for help with their computers. I usually can help, and I don’t usually charge any money for what I do (unless they insist on paying me).

What scares me about all of this is that most of the people I help are my age. Our generation is definitely the most familiar with these technologies and yet very few people know how to do a lot of things they should. As technology evolves, the majority of consumers should evolve with it. Unfortunately, this is not happening.

Problems like computer viruses prey on people who don’t know what they are doing. Unless people start to learn about what they do on computers, the problem will only get worse. Personally, I believe this is one of the main reasons why people use OS X over Windows. They simply just fail to educate themselves about how something works and then blame the operating system for problems that they could have avoided themselves.

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