Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Spygate does not diminish Patriots’ accomplishments

Don Shula's comments about the New England Patriots couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, they cheated. That’s undeniable. However, what they’ve done since then says just how great of a team the Patriots are.

They are 9-0. Even if they did cheat during their first game that is 8 games where they’ve managed to win, for the most part pretty handedly. The Colts game Sunday just cemented my opinion that they are indeed the best team in football.

The conversation about who can remain undefeated comes up every time somebody starts a year with a string of wins. And every time it comes up, the team in question loses. However, this year the Patriots look poised to claim the second perfect record in NFL history.

Following their bye this weekend, the Patriots play the Bills, Eagles, Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Dolphins, and Giants. The combined record of these teams stands at a dismal 24-33, with only the Giants and Steelers having better than .500 records.

Despite their great chance to remain perfect, Bill Belichick must decide how much they really want the dubious distinction. If it means leaving Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and the like in the final game of the season, is the record really worth it? An injury to Moss, or Brady especially, would be catastrophic for the Patriots.

The Patriots have a good chance of going undefeated. Spygate or not, the deserve the honor if it does happen.

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katy said...

my favorite is the picture....

the problem is, tho, that as you say, the team in question usually manages to lose. and now the pressure is on for the Pats to keep it up... I hope they do it, for the sake of history, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't/