Friday, February 1, 2008

The cowards that we fight

In Baghdad early this morning two bombs went off and killed over 70 people. Since the surge, security measures in the capital had increased drastically. In fact, August was the last time an attack of this magnitude occured. The attacks, which occurred in two animal markets, were carried out by two women.

The story is not the fact that attacks, specifically large scale ones, have drastically reduced. These two women were mentally disabled. The bombs they wore were remotely detonated. This means that someone else used a remote control to blow up these women. When I read this story on BBC it sickened me. These cowards, and stronger language enters my mind, not only kill civilians as their battle strategy, but use mentally handicapped persons to do so. They cannot even strap on the bombs to themselves, but must use those who do not have the mental capabilities to make the decision.

I have a hard time seeing their side of story, when they commit such heinous acts as these. Some argue that these terrorists are Iraqis who want us to leave their country. However, when the terrorists we fight are found to be foreign and then they use mentally disabled women to do their fighting causes one to question any speck of integrity they might contain within their hearts. Also, they attack Iraqis on their visit to the market, not a unit of U.S. soldiers.

Needless to say this story prompted me to begin my side of this website again. As I am not a journalism major, I am not as motivated to write more than my classes demand of me. Nevertheless, this horrendous act needs to be heard.

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