Thursday, February 14, 2008

First look: MLB 08 The Show for PS3

Today I had the opportunity to play a demo of MLB 08: The Show for the Playstation 3. Though it was only a 4 inning game featuring the Red Sox and Rockies, I was very impressed with the game play and graphics. Mind you, my favorite baseball game of all time is MVP 2005 for the PS2, and that means MLB 08 has some pretty big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, EA Sports no longer has the rights to produce MLB games.

Anyways, here are some quick thoughts on the game:

Gameplay: Easily the truest feeling gameplay I've ever experienced with a baseball game. The swings, pitching motions, stances etc. are well done (at least the Red Sox's are) and the game speed feels about right. Controls are pretty easy to master, with square being power swing, X being normal, just like a lot of older games. My only complaint here is that line shots seem almost too fast to react to, but I guess that makes it a lot like real baseball. (Trust me, third base is not a fun position...)

Graphics: The PS3 continues to amaze me in this area. Hands down, this is the best looking baseball sim I have ever played. Players movements are fluid, the "small" things like uniform wrinkles are right, and the general player figures and stadiums are spot on.

Audio: What really impressed me was the fluidity of the audio. There was no pause or tone change when players names were being said and the crack of the wooden bat sounds amazing.

Overall: MLB 08 seems like it will be a great game. Hopefully I get a chance to go out and get it. Based on the demo I would give it a 9/10.

If you have access to the Playstation Network you can currently download this game as a free demo. Try it out!

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katy said...

MMMM the crack of a wooden bat...
Nothing like it.
And I'm sorry, I don't care how realistic it is on the game, it's better to be at the game.