Thursday, January 31, 2008

What every blogger hopes for

Despite becoming busier in the past couple of months, I still am trying to put out a new post four times each week. It has sort of become a hobby since it costs a grand total of $4.95 each year for a domain name.

I am a journalism major and therefore enjoy what I am doing. But, the one thing I do miss is the knowledge that people are actually viewing my work. With a newspaper, someone is bound to read it, but the internet is not the same. Sure, I have Google Analytics and can roughly estimate the amount of visits to the site (which have increased in the past weeks), but what is disheartening to me is the lack of comments.

Of course, I have my constant readers who occasionally post comments about stuff they find interesting. I just wish more people would post.

What every blogger wants is a reader base. We want to be heard. Obviously, not everything I say will interest people. But if it does, I want to hear your opinion on it.

Would I like to become a famous blogger and make money doing it? Yes, I would. But what would make me even happier is some response from readers. After all, it is what every blogger hopes for.


Anonymous said...

I read every chance I get. Thanks for doing what you do.


katy said...

Maybe you should start up the Eding Report.... ;)