Tuesday, February 5, 2008

National signing days looms

ESPN's front page reads "Who needs Super Tuesday, anyway?"

This is the truth. Tomorrow is the national signing day for college football and to some, the futures of Terrelle Pryor and other top recruits are more important than who will become the next president of the United States of America.

Pryor, the highest-ranked quarterback in this year's class, has yet to decide between Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, and Penn State.

Like OSU and Michigan fans needed any more reason to hate each other. If Pryor signs with either team, it's only going to bring out more bad blood between the two programs. An already intense rivalry will become even more heated for the years that Pryor plays college ball.

Of course, Pryor could choose to not announce tomorrow, but here's to Pryor being the newest Wolverine.

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katy said...

A few things:
First, Pryor literally holds the future of Big Ten football in his hands. I wonder if he knows that...
Second, Why would anyone want to be a Buckeye in the first place? ;)
Third, another recruit I'm excited to see play this fall is Sam McGuffie. He's fast and he really played sensationally in Texas high school ball. He's verbally committed to Michigan, and I think he and Pryor could become a duo that's tough to beat.
Fourth, I'm interested to see what Rich Rodriguez does with the team and the recruits in Ann Arbor this year.

I'm so fired up for college season to start again!