Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Officials are humans too

A clock stoppage at the end of a women's NCAA basketball game and a foul with only .1 seconds left in a men's NCAA basketball game have brought out the referee haters once again.

These events were questionable, no doubt about it. However, they also bring up the fact that officials are human and can make mistakes.

With the invention of highly sophisticated technology for controlling clocks and reviewing plays, everybody is about getting calls right. In my opinion, a good official is one that you do not notice.

Regardless, human error does happen and as it the case with basketball fouls, it is a judgement call. Hopefully the official makes the right call, but be prepared that they might not.

It is unfortunate that these small mistakes/issues happened. But cut the officials some slack. After all, they are human too, though it is sometimes easy to forget.

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katy said...

Worse things have happened than messed up clock stoppages in college games...
Like extensions on the clock in East Lansing's Spartan Stadium six years ago...
Then again, since then it's been all maize and blue so I should shut up.

Also.... did you see any of this?