Monday, February 11, 2008

A couple of thoughts about Apple

Apple's release of security patches for OS X is another reminder that Macs are not perfect.

ALERT: Macs are not perfect!!!

Sorry, I just had to do that. I'm surrounded by Apple lovers here, and this is one of my only ways to vent. Not only did I have to go to a high school that was Apple based, now a good majority of my peers carry around their little MacBooks and MacBook Pros. From that I've come to a couple of conclusions based on these observations:

1) Most people who use Macs use them only to do basic computing tasks (i.e. word processing, internet, e-mail). This begs the question of why pay for overpriced hardware if all you plan on doing is basic computing? Any $600 laptop running Vista Basic or XP Home (or even Linux) can do those tasks extremely well for almost half the price of an Apple.

2) With the introduction of Boot Camp, more people are running XP and Vista than OS X. One of my friends even went so far to say he likes Vista more than Leopard. Why pay a ton for Apple hardware just to run Windows?

3) People with Leopard fail to use its "cool" features. This goes back to point numero uno. Most people just use OS X to perform simple tasks.

Let me be clear, I am not bashing Macs (or at least not too much). I just continually ponder these observations and have never gotten a good reason from Mac users.

I want more than "It just works".


katy said...

One of my friends even went so far to say he likes Vista more than Leopard.

Really? That says a lot about Leopard, because I don't know anyone who's really into Vista. I mean, sure, it looks pretty, but it also runs like shit.
I'd say that's more of a bash on Vista than a compliment to Leopard.

Justin said...

In my many year's experience with PC's, I have realized that there are very fews reasons to own a mac.

1. They are ridiculously overpriced.
2. They provide inferior hardware for the price you pay (compare the specs of even an overpriced alienware to that of a macbook pro).
3. If you truly are handicapped, and must use OS X, we now have the ability to install OSx86 (OS X on the PC).

So, unless you have some raging desire to own an extremely thin laptop only to word process... (Good luck installing anything without an optical drive)

Macs are just a fashion statement.

Like Harley Davidson.