Sunday, September 30, 2007

When will Americans learn?

According to a Rasmussen poll, 44% of Americans now support free health care for everyone. Of course this "free" health care would be provided for by our government (thus more taxes). It is surprising that so many people are willing to entrust yet another institution to the great bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. They have already showed their ineptness in running so many other programs, and yet a near majority of the population would be willing to allow the Feds to run our health care.

I am part of the shrinking majority in America who believes that the government does not have the constitutional duty, nor right, to butt in on our health care system. The liberals that support socialized health care have this inferiority complex as they seem to think they know best when it comes to living our lives. They seem to view the population of this country as children who need to be taken care of, instead of capable individuals who know how to take care of themselves. Americans do not need bureaucrats on Capital Hill deciding a one size fits all program that is inefficient, and in fact dangerous to the American public.

The enlightened country of France is a great example of a country with socialized (or universal) health care. The French have admitted that major reforms need to be made in light of the poorly governed government health care system becoming too costly. They cite reasons such as waste and inefficient managing for their need to have drastic change.

While my patriotism tells me that our government could do it better than the French, I still believe that our citizens can take care of themselves even better. We need to tell the already satiated federal government to stay out of health care and quit trying to find reasons to take more of our hard earned money. The more they make choices for us, the less free we are. We might make poor decisions, but that is what liberty is about; learning from our mistakes or repeating them.

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amen to that.
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