Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lions burned by scoring explosion

With a rather impressive 2-0 start, I thought maybe, just maybe, the Lions might be turning things around. And in some respects they are.

Putting up a total of 432 yards is impressive, and definitely a good endorsement for Mike Martz’s offense.

Too bad the Lions just couldn’t play defense.

They gave up a total of 536 yards and seven offensive touchdowns. And a lot of those yards and touchdowns came on big plays. Kevin Curtis had 221 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Curtis only had four touchdowns all of last year!

Brian Westbrook was like Superman until he left in the third quarter. They just couldn’t stop him. For someone who was questionable throughout the week to run all over the defense is alarming. Could we please get some Kryptonite?

The secondary got burned all day, with Keith Smith, Stanley Wilson, and Gerald Alexander getting picked on heavily. Curtis was wide open for most of the game.

Jon Kitna had no time to pass. When he did have time, he was effective, however he still made mistakes that a veteran quarterback shouldn’t make. For instance, a poor decision to throw the ball into the end zone at the end of the first half resulted in a drive-killing interception.

Although losing 56-21 is somewhat of an embarrassment, at least I can say that the Lions never gave up. I was also impressed by a couple of players.

Calvin Johnson’s acrobatic catch in the second quarter was absolutely amazing. He is definitely a great player, and should get even better once he learns more of the offense. It’s too bad that on his great catch he also had to get hurt.

Though they lacked a running game again, Kevin Jones looked like his old-self. Considering he was not expected to be back this early or at all this season, that was a big bonus for the Lions.

Hopefully by next week they will have the defense sorted out when they take on the Chicago Bears at home.

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"An explosion of flavor!!!"
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