Friday, September 28, 2007

Vick Tests Positive for Marijuana

Honestly Mike, are you trying to set the record for the furthest fall in history?

After already pleading guilty to federal dog fighting charges, reports surfaced Wednesday that Michael Vick tested positive for marijuana in a test he took on September 13. Due to the positive test, prosecutors have tightened Vick’s freedom until his December 10 sentencing hearing.

The bad news for Vick is that Judge Henry Hudson could take his positive test into consideration when deciding Vick’s fate. Ouch.

I understand that this isn’t the first time that Vick has had an incident with marijuana, but I cannot believe that he would try to get away with something like that in light of all the scrutiny he is currently under. Not that I’ve ever been in his position, but if I was about to go to jail and the length of the sentence depended on a judge’s ruling, I would try to be the best person I could be until the sentencing hearing. Don’t give him another reason to put you away for a long time.

Amazing how things can go south in a hurry.

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