Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ecko: Please don’t do it…

Barry Bonds’ record setting 756th home run ball sold for more than $750,000. So it only makes sense that the ball would be the centerpiece to someone’s baseball collection right?


Fashion designer Marc Ecko, who bought the ball, has decided to leave its fate up to an online poll on his website ( On the site voters can choose to send it to Cooperstown unblemished, brand it and then send it to Cooperstown, or blast the ball into outer space. The voting results will be revealed next week.

“I bought this baseball to democratize the debate over what to do with it,” Ecko wrote on the site.

Regardless of whether or not it’s the democratic thing to do Marc, please, PLEASE, don’t do it. Bonds has never been proven guilty of anything, yet. You could very well be sending a legit piece of history into space based only on speculation.

By now you’ve probably realized I’m in the group that appreciates the record, or at least the group that doesn’t necessarily feel Bonds was helped immensely by steroids. I really can’t deny that he ever took them, but still, if you look at his numbers, there are no real jumps in any statistic, other than that he was very productive in his late 30s. Until I am proven otherwise, I believe Bonds is an outstanding player, and may be the most well rounded player ever.

Maybe I’m wrong. But maybe Ecko is too.


Katy said...

I really don't understand why, as Mark Ecko, I would think to myself "I'm going to buy that baseball and possibly shoot it into space rather than a. make money or b. have a piece of history on my mantle."
Just a piece of my mind. Toned down and edited, a lot. ;)

Devin said...

Cody, you know damn well that Bonds took steroids. There doesn't have to be a jump in statistics, its the fact that his stats never decreased, but only got better as he got OLDER!!! It doesn't work that way. I hope Ecko blasts that ball to the sun where it can burn in a fiery space hell.