Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad is invited to Columbia University

It is interesting that an American college will host a man such as Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and yet they will cancel a speech to be given about protecting our borders from illegal immigrants. According to, President of Minutemen Project Jim Gilchrist was originally scheduled to be hosting a discussion on the border security debate, but it has since been canceled. Furthermore, the military ROTC program is not allowed as part of the curriculum at Columbia University.

These decisions made by Columbia University cause me to question their loyalties to America. I am all for free speech and the rights of colleges, however it seems to me that they are forgetting what country gives them those rights. I have nothing against a university allowing anyone to speak, but I can't help but feel a certain anti-American message being sent by Columbia. Their reasoning for canceling Gilchrist's speech is that it would have caused too much outcry amongst students. That should be a reason to bring him, as it seems to be a hot topic.

I end this short blurb on their policy against the ROTC program. I do not understand why any institution in America, especially a place of learning, would carry such anti-military attitude. It is our military that allows Columbia to have the freedoms they have, and they should be proud to help in any way they can.

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