Monday, March 31, 2008

My Thought on the Stimulus Package

This past summer I worked on the line at Herman Miller. I earned enough to qualify for the $300 stimulus check. In general, I disagree with government activism; I find the government harms more than it helps in many cases. As a college student, though, I will not say no to free money. Nevertheless, the government will not send me a check this May so that I might help turn the economy around. My parents still claim me as a dependent, which disqualifies me to receive the check. Logic would say that my parents receive that $300 check, but when has the government followed logic? My parents will not receive an extra $300 for me because I am an adult. It would make sense that citizens between 18 and 22 would receive money to help the economy, because we generally need it most and are least responsible with it. This means that instead of saving it, we would spend it; which is what the government wants, more spending.


Cody said...

I agree. The 18-22 demographic would be most likely to spend the money immediately.

katy voorhorst, surprised friend said...

Me too...

And, who knew that Nick was still A. Alive, and B. Blogging?

Or that I would order those so they ended up starting with the same letter that I labeled them with?

Not me.

Nick said...

That was C. Clever, lol

katy voorhorst, apparent underestimater said...

nicholas... how did i manage to expect any less of you???

Nick said...

F. foolishness, and yes, I will stop

Anonymous said...

G. Gee,..Who would've ever thunk for a minute that a college student would actually "SAVE" money?!

H. Hell NO!'s FREE right??

I. I don't think so....we (the US Gov't) had to BORROW that money from China!! But don't worry, soon as you spend it,'ll have to claim it as INCOME on your 2008 taxes and pay even MORE taxes on it next April!! So much for FREE!!

J. Just a reminder,...keep working harder and harder and save more and more,...'cuz Hillary or Obama will need it to pay for all of the illegal aliens benefits they say they deserve...and we will never collect on after working a lifetime for! Ahhh hemmeroids with lips!!

K. K,...I'm done now!!