Thursday, October 4, 2007

Punter sentenced to seven years for stabbing of rival

Mitch Cozad, former backup punter for the Northern Colorado Bears football team, was sentenced to seven years in jail Tuesday for the stabbing of starting punter Rafael Mendoza in 2006. Cozad was convicted of second-degree assault charges, though he was originally facing attempted first-degree murder.

My question to Mr. Cozad is what he thought he would gain from getting the starting position. Pride? You just stabbed a man to get the starting job, try telling your conscience that you got it fair and square. Monetary gain? There are only 32 punters in the NFL. It takes talent to get there, and if you weren’t good enough to start in college, how do you plan to make it in the pros?

What I really don’t understand is why he was concerned about being the starting punter at a Division I-AA school. Although football is still big in I-AA, it’s not Division I caliber. Michigan did get beat by a I-AA school, but Appalachian State is an established powerhouse. Northern Colorado just completed the switch from Division II less than five years ago. Why risk everything to start on a team that is barely a Division I school?

I guess he’ll have seven years to figure that out.

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