Friday, October 12, 2007

GOP good chances in Michigan

Michigan has not gone to a Republican presidential candidate since 1988 when President George H.W. Bush ran for office. This year it might be different, as five Democratic candidates have withdrawn their names from the state's primary. Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd have not removed their names from the ticket, but they have vowed not to campaign in Michigan. The withdrawals come as a result to Michigan Democrats moving the primary up to January 15 in the attempt to gain more attention to the state's issues and influence in the overall nominating process.

Democrats in Michigan might not feel so inclined to come out and vote next fall, as a result to the candidates decisions not to be on the Michigan ticket. They might feel that since the candidates did not feel it was worth coming to Michigan, then it is not worth electing them. This might be a boon to whoever becomes the Republican candidate in 2008, as it could very well be another tight race between the parties. The 17 electoral votes will be essential in deciding who the next president will be, as some are saying Michigan will be a key state in next year's election.

The democratic candidates decision could have little effect on the presidential candidate Michigan goes to. Hillary Clinton will very likely be their candidate with her strong lead above the others. Her decision to remain on the ballot in Michigan will likely earn her favor amongst the people of Michigan. However, as the GOP candidates have come to the Great Lakes State, their candidate could impress upon the fact that she had canceled her campaigning in Michigan during the primaries whereas they came.

With the mid-terms ending we plan to return to our regular posting schedule.

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