Monday, January 14, 2008

Patriots have clear path to Super Bowl victory (and perfect season)

This weekend’s playoff games couldn’t have gone better for the New England Patriots.

Though the Pats took a while to warm up against the Jaguars, they did end up winning in fairly convincing fashion. But it was the outcomes of the other games that should make the Patriots fan extremely happy.

First in the NFC, the championship game will feature the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers. Though both teams are good neither team can hang with the Patriots. And you can hold me to it. In fact, if either team does defeat the Patriots (of course, assuming the Pats make the big game) you can publicly humiliate me in the comments of one of my posts. Brett Favre may be good, but Tom Brady is better (along with the rest of his team).

The Pats will face the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Championship game. Normally I would call this a good matchup for the Chargers. However, they are too nicked up to offer much resistance to the Patriot war machine. Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and LaDainian Tomlinson are not 100% healthy and to have a chance the Bolts would need these three guys to be spectacular. Plus, the Pats blew out the Chargers 38-14 in week two.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the Patriots are going to do it. I like them, but I personally would rather see the Chargers win it all. LT is a great player and is a joy to watch. However, as long as the Lions’ division rivals (Packers) lose, I will be happy.

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katy said...

I still hate the Pats.
I still hate Brady.

Pretty much, I'm just stunned the Chargers are still around...I remember, not too long ago, when they were pretty much the biggest joke in the entire NFL. (Read: This season's Dolphins)

I think, though, that if Rivers and LT were both healthy, it could be a close game. Too bad, Cody, that you're right: Without these two, the Chargers won't do it.

And, like the Packers or not, their matchup with New York is going to be good. ESPN's Jaws predicts a Green Bay victory, and I wouldn't mind seeing Favre in the Super Bowl.

Even though the Pats will win it all, sadly.