Thursday, December 6, 2007

Never fear, Vista SP1 is here!

Maybe Microsoft can clean up this Vista fiasco after all.

The first service pack for the latest and often buggy Microsoft operating system is expected to be released as a public beta sometime next week. The update will address several bugs and also is anticipated to increase the overall performance of the OS.

Hooray! Maybe Vista will start to run at a decent pace again. Though it is not terribly slow on my laptop, Vista surely isn’t as fast as XP would be on lesser hardware. However, I still am far too in love with the look of it to shut off performance robbing features such as Aero.

Seriously though, SP1 should help out with many of the problems with Vista. It took two service packs to work many of the kinks out of XP and they still constantly are issuing updates to protect it from new threats. Since upgrading to Vista, I’ve only had to update the OS a handful of times, which I think is awesome.

Hopefully, the fixes will usher in a new wave of Vista installations because it is quite an amazing OS if you have the hardware to run it.

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katy said...

But what will happen to the commercials?!?!?! I love the Vista commercials!