Monday, December 3, 2007

Facebook continues to lose its luster

It is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular website around here at GVSU. However, it is slowly starting to go downhill, unbeknownst to many who use it.

A little while ago, Facebook introduced a new ad system dubbed Beacon. The purpose of the program is to broadcast products you buy or services you sign up for to your Facebook friends. And as a result, the program has been criticized heavily by groups that fight for privacy on the internet.

It turns out the Beacon system sends way more information than many thought. For instance, in the PC World article linked to above, an expert found that even if he was logged out of Facebook, information was still sent to Facebook that registered his activity on the internet. Also, the system is very hard to opt out of.

Like I’ve said before, Facebook has to start going back to what got it to the top: simplicity. All this over the top stuff like ads and applications are just slowing suffocating the site to death in my opinion. I cannot tell you how annoying some of these things are.

I’m still not to the point where I’m giving up on Facebook. But, they are beginning to walk the line between serious social networking site and MySpace. There are too many up and coming sites that could take over the number one spot around college campuses. To be completely honest, it’s all theirs to lose.

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